30 augusti 2018

Kort med nya stämplar / Cards with new stamps

Today I will show you a few cards I have created with the
new stamps with matching text stamps.

Idag visar jag några kort jag gjort med de nya stämplarna
som har matchande teststämplar.

I just love this way of combining stamps!!!

Jag älskar det här sättet att kombinera stämplar!!!

For this card I used:
Till detta kortet har jag använt:

For this card I used:
Till detta kortet har jag använt:

For this card I used:
Till detta kortet har jag använt:

Did you noticed that I have used patterned paper?
I love this way of adding something to the cards by using
a thin strip of striped paper to lift the colours on the actual card.

Har ni sett att jag använt mönsterpapper?
Jag gillar det här sättet att lyfta kortet genom att addera
en tunn remsa randigt papper som lyfter färgerna på kortet.

Hope you enjoy!

Hoppas ni gillar detta!


29 augusti 2018

Reindeer card 2


I said the last time, you see in the next time more cards with reideers. And here they are!
Letztes mal sagte ich euch ja schon, das es das nächste mal wieder Rentier Karten von mir gibt. Also hier sind sie.
The first background is with Distress Oxides createt an on the top the reindeer that say Happy birthday. That is so cute!
Der ertse Hintergrund ist mit Distress Oxide enstanden und darauf habe ich das Rentier mit seinem Schild geklebt. Das Renntier wünscht Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Das ist so süß!


The second card is with the lovely flower reindeer. I hope that the reindeer don`t have an allergie agains flowers... haha 
For the background I used Gummiapan paper and on the front, you can see a picture that is a little bit skew, but funny...
Die zweite Karte ist mit dem süßen Blumen Rentier. Ich hoffe das das Rentier keine Blütenpollenallergie hat...haha
Für den Hintergrund habe ich Gummiapan Papier verwendet und vorne auf habe ich ein Bild gestaltet das schief hängt, ich finde es lustig...


Here the things I used:
Hier die Materialen die ich genutzt habe:

I hope we see us soon
Bis bald


28 augusti 2018



We are preparing for two exhibitions and all the news.
24 hours a day is not enough,we need more time. 

Me and Helen will be at Ludvikapysslet 31 aug-2 sep.
Jeanette and Joakim will be in Hamburg 31 aug-2 sep. 
Hope to see you either in Hamburg or Ludvika =)

Today I will show you three different designs of the same album. 

This album is a vacation-album.
(I am SO sorry that the pictures are on the wrong way)

I used:
Pattern paper Klar grön
Pattern paper Gul
Pattern paper Klar blå
Pattern paper Ljus blå

For the second album, I had a lot of old pictures. 

So I used:
Kvistpapper - that I distressed with both Vintage photo and Walnut stain
Pattern papper Mandel 

 Instead of flaps I glued them down so they became pockets.

And my last album is a Christmas-album I made several months ago, but never showed in the blogg =)
The material I used for this album was:
Pattern paper Mörk Mandel
Pattern paper Klargrön

Pattern paper Limegrön
Pattern paper Mandel

Take care