11 november 2016

40 år


So it's my day again on the blog.
My friend is going to her best friends 40th birthday tomorrow, so she asked me to make a personal card that's from her, and then another card that's from her and som other friends.

Her friend has 3 dogs, so immediately i thought of the cute paw stamps from GA, to make it as personal as possible.
I've stamped my own background with the smallest and next smallest paw stamp. 
The i've stamped the label on white paper, on that the letters stamped on and also the nummer 40, cut out and attached with 3D-pads
The big paw is stamped on white paper as well, cut out and attached with 3D-pads.

I've used paper from Limegrön serie

On the other card i've stamped jättesplat in different colors, and then a NEW textstamp in danish, en sand ven husker din fødselsdag, men ikke din alder -A true friend remembers your Birthday, but not your age.


Hope you got some inspiration

Have a nice day

Hugs DT-Rikke 

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