05 augusti 2018

Noah's Ark...

Hi bloggers!

Haha, did I confuse you with the title of this blogpost? Sorry 😁 But no worries, nothing strange going on, just a lot of cards with animal stamps, haha!

When I saw these Gummiapan stamps I first was a bit confused. I love making a mess, get my hands dirty with ink and paint and stamp all over the place so I didn't really knew what to do with all those animal stamps. but I wanted to challenge myself et voila... 6 cute cards are the result! At least, I think they are cute, I hope you feel the same when you see them. Enjoy! 

I think you all know me by now so yes, I started making backgrounds with distress ink first. Then I picked out my focal image for each card, and did some more stamping on the background to make it intresting. Ofcourse they all have a fun quote as well. I'll show you each card separate and I'll tell you what Gummiapan stamps I used to creat them. Hope you guys are inspired to make your own Ark of Noah, hihi!



Lots of 💜 & enjoy the 🌞
DT Carmen

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