02 oktober 2020

Färgläggning med Neocolor II Aquarelle

I had a workshop at Gummiapan Miniträff/Cyber Crop last weekend. 
We coloured with Neocolor II Aquarelle crayons and used some different rubberstamps from Karins trädgård.

Two different stamps with "Martorn".

"Spirea", "Rosenskära", "Daglilja", "Pionblad höger" and "Martorn".

Some of the crayons.

Watercolourpaper, crayons and water.

Result after colouring the paper with different colours and water.

Stamp flowers and then cut out.

I made cards with two of the pieces from the workshop......

 ..........and the flowers I cut out became two bouquets. The name of the textstamp I used as background is "Textbakgrund". It´s a large stamp and I find it very usable.

Have a nice day!


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