30 september 2019

Triple Tier Slider Card - Tutorial

Today there will be mega many pictures since I have taken a picture of almost every step of the tutorial. Therefore only in english to keep the blog post as short as possible.

This is the card I will show you how to do:

Let us get started! Read the whole tutorial before you start!
You need a little more than one 12"*12" cardstock. I have used Gummiapan's white basic cardstock.
Secure that you cut in the correct direction. It is always easier to bend a cardstock in one direction, use that in your favour when doing the folding. 

Start with cutting and folding all needed paper, see picture (all measures will be in inch).

A. 1 piece 11 1/4 * 4 1/2 inch, fold 3 3/4 from left.
B. 1 piece 10 1/4 * 3 1/8 inch, fold 3 3/8 from left.
C. 1 piece 9 1/2 * 3 inch, fold 3 1/8 from left.
D. 1 piece 3 1/2 * 1 inch, fold in the middle.
E. 2 pieces 2 3/4 * 1/2 inch, no folding.

It is fine to write on the paper since it will not be visible when finished. It might even be good to secure that you work on the correct end of the papper (more info later on...).

Start with the smallest piece (C). Fold/bend at the crease line, then fold the other side in until it touches the crease line. The reason for doing this is to create a better looking card.

Use a bone folder to crease the new fold. Change the order of the flaps like left picture below in order to get a nice and even finishing like in right picture below.

Fold the pull piece (D) in the middle. Stamp PULL (or in Swedish DRAG) and put on some tape both on the flap and on the edge to the left of the card.

Assemble the flap in the center with approach 3/4 inches outside.

Close the card like below.

At this stage I realised I had forgotten to stamp on the front. The front is the part in the middle. Check that you get the stamp centered both sidewise and in height.

Approximately 1 1/2 inch will be visible from the top so I used my T-ruler as guide.

Time for next piece (B). First fold it as the smallest piece of paper. Then we will do the sliding mechanism. Make sure you work on the slightly shorter side.
Measure 1 inch from the folding and from the right edge, make marks. Turn the paper and mark 1/4 resp 2 1/2 inch on each side. Cut with a scalpel between the marking. I always use a metal ruler for this.

Now it is time to use one of pieces E. Put it in as below and fold both ends. It should be a bit loose to make the paper slide easily. (Disregard markings and cut to the left, I started on the wrong side but choose not start all over, therefore my warning earlier...).

Open up the paper and stamp on the outside. Approximately 3 1/2 inch will be visible from the top. I made small markings on the sides as guide.

This is how it will look when assembled. Make sure you turn it around like this. I used the stamp Skumpa (Swedish slang for Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Cremant or any other bubbly white wine).

Time to assemble the smallest card in the middle card. Center and leave 1/8 inch to the top to secure that the middle card always hides the smallest card when not pulled out. 

Put some tape on the piece E (make sure nothing is outside, it will hinder the paper from sliding) and secure piece E is in the lowest position.

Fold together carefully.

Now it shall look like this from the front side.

Turn over and close the card. Make sure the two flaps are like below and that the edge lines up nicely.

Time to work on the biggest piece of papper (A). Once again start with folding like the smallest piece. Do the cutting for the sliding mechanism but on the top start at 1/2 inch and stop at 3 inches. Attach the other piece E as above.

Put on the tape as before.

Center and assemble the middle card in the biggest card.

It will look like this and it is time to close the big card.

Now the card looks like this from both front and back. Only difference is the visible edge that shall be on the back.

If you have done it correct it shall look like this when slided out all the way.

Time to decorate the front. I used my mini- MISTI to stamp this background text stamp Vintext. I stamped on a separate piece of paper in size 4 1/8 * 3 3/8 inch. (this piece is extra outside the 12 * 12 inch cardstock).

The card closed:

When you have started to pull:

And fully open:

I also created a card with Halloween theme. I used these stamps: Spökgänget, Spökgubbe, Spökpojke, Hjärtligt spöke and Bus eller godis?

Hope you could follow my tutorial and that you try it yourself!


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