22 september 2019

Queen Anne´s lace

I draw this flower during the summer when I saw the wilted flowers along the roadside. And then Gummiapan made it as a rubberstamp.
 I think the english name, "Queen Anne´s lace" is so lovely compared to the swedish name. There´s lot of flowers looking almost the same. It can be what we call a "Hundkex" or a "Vildmorot".  I think most of us call it "Hundkex".

For this card I choosed to cut off some parts from one of the flowers to get it smaller.

This is what I used.

Queen Anne´s lace, Cow parsley, Vildmorot or Hundkex!

As you can see it is the wilted flower I find so amazing.

Nature is fantastic! Enjoy your day!


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