23 februari 2018

shaker cards

Hej everybody, 

Today I will be showing you two shakercards.
I was inspired by a lot of ideas which I saw with the shakercards  
and I made my own versions of it. 

I made one happy birthday shakercard.
First I used the dies stitched rectangles.
I used the third item from outside and cut this out of a white cardstock. 
The next stap is that I stamped the splat stamp random on the white cardstock. 
I pasted a windowsheet on the other side of the white cardstock. 

The next stap is that I stamped the stamp happy birthday on a green cardstock. 
This cardstock is a little bit bigger then the white carstock. 
If I stamped the stamp on the cardstock I put some shakermaterials in the centre of the green cardstock. On the white cardstock I pasted a thick special foam for making a shakercard. 

You paste the white cardstock in the middle of the green cardstock. 
The last stap is that you paste it on a dark blue cardstock 
and so you have your own special shakercard. 

I took the same steps for the shaker card with the butterfly. 
The stamps I used for this card are:
- The stamp huge butterfly
- The stamp  big butterfly sideview

I hope the cards inspires you for creating your own special cards ! 
I'm lokking forward to see your creations
DT Nicol 

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