31 januari 2018


Today's blogpost is about our trip to London, and of course Hochanda!

We met Joanne and Michelle from Hochanda in Holland at the KreaDoe exhibition. They visited our stand and asked if we wanted to do a show with them. Of course I said yes!

When the date came closer, my nerves were not in place....

Then - finally - it was time to leave!

Monday morning, tired on the plane, but so HAPPY!
It's fun when you fly to London, it takes two hours but you only change the clock one hour :)

When we arrived at Victoria Station I called Suha from Swedish House Crafts! I needed some feedback, and some pep talk... I was already soooo nervous. I was so afraid  our products would be totally wrong for the english market.

We spent rest of the Monday in London. We had the best ice cream EVER!!! They even formed it as a flower!

We chose to travel with the Underground! That was super! So fast and easy!

When you never have been to England there are some "must see", and since this was Lukas first time I had to show him! Harrods is a FANTASTIC beautiful must see!

When we had walked 22 000 steps we went to the hotel for a sleep.


Next day we started with the Underground again!

It is so cool with all the tunnels :)

King's Cross was so beautiful! This could be a really nice rubber stamp!

Finally we arrived in Oundle at Hochanda!
Today we were only supposed to leave some samples and products but they showed us around!

This is the first time I have been to a studio! And it made me even more nervous!

But Lukas stayed cool :) I think he is a natural!

After some hours we walked to our hotel in Oundle. Oundle was a really nice, old village with beautiful buildings.

And this was our hotel room! A small cottage :) And cold...


Next morning it was time for a seminar! They were telling us about their company, showing us around and teaching us about the studio. Which camera to look at, what to do, what you aren't allowed to say or do... The seminar was completed with 5 min test filming!

This is Lukas and Matt! 
After this shoot, even Lukas was nervous!

On the Thursday we went to Peterborough! WHAT A NICE TOWN!!!
We had to buy some clothes for Lukas, and som make up :)

In Peterborough there is a beautiful Cathedral. We got some nice pictures from it!

We also found a very good Stekhouse!!!!

No words need to be said!

Then finally the day had come!
I WAS SO NERVOUS, SO THEY ASKED ME TO GO TO GREEN ROOM - I was making Lukas nervous! (And them too, I suppose!)

The feeling when you watch your son on TV...

And the show was GREAT!!!! What a response!!!! So many items got sold out!
On the FIRST show!!! The was a queue on the telephone all the time!
I can not descibe how happy and proud I was!
Lukas and Leonie was a great team!

The second show was easier for Lukas. Now he knew what it was about, and he were more relaxed. And I was still in the Green room....
This time it was Lukas and Charlie!

Saturday morning it was time for our last show! I was afraid that we would't wake up in time, so I went up at 4 am :)

Lukas did a great show with Yiannis!

Then it was time to leave!
They have these great armchairs that looks like a throne, and of course we had to take some pictures! 

Here I am - sooooo relieved!!!!

And the star from Gummiapan!
Again, a cool picture from the Underground!

An evening picture taken from the London Bridge!

We took the train from St Pancras Station to Gatwick.

And finally we went home - exhausted, tired, relieved but SO HAPPY!

- - -


4 kommentarer:

  1. What a great trip and Lukas was superb on the show.

  2. No wonder it was a great success. I cannot imagine a country where your dies and stamps would not be popular. I love every one I own. Best wishes and thanks for a photosafari from London. I have been to Peterborough too. Lovely town.

  3. Congrats on a fun and successful trip. I am a brit living in Norway and am sure your products will be a big hit in the UK. They are so unique and fun. I have bought from Suha at Swedish house but am so happy Wenche at Korthobby.no is stocking your products. Hugz

  4. They were fabulous shows - your dies were something different and I loved every sample you showed. I hope it wont be long till you return. Well done to you both!