26 maj 2017

Stamped background


Today i'll show 5 cards, where i've made my own background by using stamps. 
I love doing that, i think it's fun to find either text or figure that goes well for it.

All the stamps for todays blogpost, you'll find in the webshop under nyheter - vecka 19.
On this one i've stamped with a tiny Ekollon (can't find in the webshop) for background.
The sqiurrel is stamped on white paper, coloured with copics, cut out and then attached on a wobbles, i absolutely love the effect. Behind the squirrel i put 2 Kvist dies. 

Here i've used Små slitna hjärtan as background. The cute little pig is stamped on white paper, coloured and attached with 3D-pads. The same goes for the little speachbubble. 

Here it's just 4 big sheeps for background, coloured in different shades of grey, and then a little sheep that's cut out and then attached with 3D-pads. 
The text i wrote myself, on a stiched vimpel (not in the webshop). 

On this one i've used a stamp that is a backgroundstamp, so easy.😊
I stamped it twice time, to make it more compact. Then i used the fine candles, stamped in colours and then i've used the candle-die (not in the shop yet)

On the last one i've made the background with a textstamp, when life gives you Lemons. On the white stiched rectangle i used the text Go bananas, it's a part of the other text. The cute bananas are stamped on white paper and coloured. The 2 small ones are attached with 3D-pads and the big one is put on with a wobbles.

Here you can see (nearly) all the stamps i've used. 

I hope you got some inspiration to try to make your own background😊 so fun to do. 

Have a nice day, DT-Rikke 

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