11 juli 2017

Warm drink

Today i'll show 2 tags made for when coffee/tea is given as a little gift.
The tag are made by using the second biggest Stitched Rectangles.

On the first one i've used Sliten rutig bakgrund in a very light color. I've stamped the Take away kaffemugg on white papir, coloured with copics and the cut it out. The small coffeebeans are stamped in a light brown color and cut out. And then i'ved used the textset all you need is. 

An upcolse on the background 

On this one i've used Stor rutig bakgrund, Stor Mugg stamped on white papir coloured with copics, cut out and the mounted on. The "tea" cup is attached with 3D-pads. On the mugs i've stamped with the cute coffeebeans and with Liten tepåse. Again i've used the textset all you ned is and tea/coffee.





( I could not find the Textset and coffeebeans in the webshop)

That was it for me to day, now i will go and make myself a good cup of coffee☕️


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