23 juli 2018

Little presentbox

Hello everyone, 

The holidays started already in Holland.
We have already lovely weather for some weeks and it will stay very hot the coming weeks.
This year I will go again with my parents and my brother to Italy. 

So for today I made a little presentbox.
You can used the presentbox for a birthday or other celebrations. 
You can put money or candy inside the box. 

To make the box you need a piece of cardstock of 29,6 cm x 10,5 cm. 
You scored the cardstock on 14,8 cm. 
If you have scored the cardstock you made a little mark on both sides on 5,25 cm. 
The next step is to scored the triangle on both sides. 

When you scored the triangles you make the little box. 
First I made with a fineliner little strips on the scored lines.
You can see the lines on the picture.
So now you can start with the stamps. 
For the little presentbox I used the stamps: 
- the stamp frayed circles 
- the stamp ocotopus
- the stamp bubbles. 
- the stamp Ahoy

I hope you like the little presentbox. 
If you have any questions don't hasitate to ask. 

Creative Greetings,
DT Nicol 

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