08 juli 2018

birthday cards

Hello Everyone, 

Only a few weeks and then I have my holiday. 
The schools in the South of the Netherlands started already with the summer holidays. 
The rest of the Netherlands will follow. 

So I made for this blog two beautiful orange birthday cards. 

I love to work with the panda stamps.
So I show you two cards with them. 

For the first card I used: 
- Orange design paper 
- the panda stamp 
- the stamp hiep hiep hoera 

For my second card I used:
- the stamp with stars
- the panda stamp 
- the stamp numbers 
- the stamp happy birthday 

I started with the stamp numbers and stamp the stamp in a straight line on the bottom
of the basic card. I used a gray color for the numbers. The next step is to stamp the stamp with stars on random places on the card. So you can stamp the panda on a piece of white cardstock and cut the stamp out in a round. Also you can used a round punch.
At least you stamp the happy birthday stamp and take a little piece of design papier.

I can't make the references but if you have any questions about the stamps which
I used don't hesitate to ask :) 

I hope you like the cards! 

DT Nicol 

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