28 juni 2018

Twist and pop Tutorial - Unicorn

Twist and Pop Tutorial - Unicorn

Today I will show you a tutorial on the popular Twist and Pop card (sorry that some pitures are the wrong way).

To make this card I have used:
18010209 Always be yourself...
18010213 My unicorn belives in me
18010208 Enhörning
D160434 Landskapsbårder
D180117 Stitched Label Rectangles
Mörk lila pattern papers.

I colored the images with copics.

You need three pieces to make the card:
1. A piece that is 12*6 inches, scored at 6 inches(cardbase).
2. A piece that is 11*3.75 inches, scored at 2.75, 5.5, 8.25

3. A piece that is 8*3.5 inches, scored at 4 inches. BUT you need to make marks on four places witch are: 2.25 and 5.75 at both the top and the bottom.

Score like this picture:

And the last fold/score is right down the middle.

When you have scored everything in piece number 3, you fold it to look like this (here are four pictures where I slowly show you how to fold it):

Now you need either tape or glue to fasten piece number 2. When you put tape on the right side of this, you then turn it over and put tape on the right side again (then the opposite sides have tape on them, like they should).

This is how you fold piece number 2:

Put ut up against folded piece number 3 to have it centered:

Then peel of the tape/or put some glue like I marked and fasten it like the picture:

Then turn the whole piece over and tape/glue the other side:
IMPORTANT that piece 2 is braided in between the "legs" on piece 3.
(I know it is hard to see at this picture)

Then you need to put tape/glue on the top, like I show in the picture. Do one side at a time!!!

Then put the piece inside your cardbase (piece 1) with the tape/glue up, so when you close the card it will stick on the top. Then flip the cardbase around and put tape/glue on the other top and close the card again.
Now the mecanism is complete, now you need to decorate the card.

Here are som more pictures of how I decorated my card =)

 If you have any questions, just shout!
Good luck and I will see you soon.


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