08 april 2018

Card in a box

Hello Gummiapan fans, 
I was thinking what I would show you today on the blog of gummiapan. 
I came with the idea to make a card in a box. 

I used a piece of cardstock of  9'' x 5 1/2''
On the long side you scored on 2 1/8'', 4 1/4'', 6 3/8'' and 8 1/2''.
On the short side you scored on 2 3/4''.

I cut the scorelines till the middle scorline. 

You need also need another piece of cardstock of 3 1/8'' x 3 1/8''.
and you scored this on 1/2'' and 2 5/8''. 

I cut the piece of cardstock in two pieces.
This two pieces of cardstock you can place them later in the middle of the card box.

The materials I used for this card in a box are: 
- The stamp unicorn 18010208
- The stamp Always be yourself 18010209
- The stamp splat 10100209
- The stamp frayed net 13110105
- The dies unicorn D180108

I hope you like the result of the card in a box. 
If you have question, don't hesitate to ask me. 

Creative greetings,
DT Nicol 


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