26 november 2017

Christmas is near

Hello out there❤️

CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, so today i'll show you some of the christmascards i've made so far. 

On the first one i've used ink from Rangers, Caribbien blue, to make the skye-background, and onto that i've added some snowflakes. 
The snowcovered Hills are made with the landscape-board, the front and the second hill are mounted with 3D-pads, to give it some depth. 
And what goes along with snow and winter better than the cute little snowbear. 

The snowbear is coloured with copics.

The second card is very simple and clean. 
I LOVE stars, theres something quite uniqe about them. 
So here i've used the Star-paper from the purple series. 
I've cut out 'God Jul' twice, that gives it a little bit of depth. 

Material used: 

That was it for me today, see you in to weeks. Hope you all have a nice sunday. 


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